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Japan companies join global rivalry to launch satellite-based internet services

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said his company would be able to provide high-speed, broadband internet service almost anywhere in the world by August. Rakuten Group, Inc. plans to launch its satellite communications service for domestic customers as early as fiscal 2022, by making use of the technologies owned by a U.S. startup it has invested in.
Well, that is an interesting and important update coming through. With the advancement of the internet, the main focus will be on the speed and security being promised by the internet provider. Rakuten Group. Inc is on the right track in this by launching its own communication satellite for domestic users. Hopefully, more population will be able to benefit from this venture.


The starlink project of Elon Musk aims to provide satellite-based internet word wide but according to the news I read sometime back the tall trees are blocking the reception in the places where it is being experimented. I do not know about the internet project of Rakuten Group, I will have to do some research