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Quitting Vices

Generally you might have heard about persons addicted to alcohol, smoking tobacco, or even gambling. Vice can be anything which in others view is a bad behaviour. Interested to know if yourself or anyone you know have come out of a bad habit and if so how difficult was the process.
My dad was a chain smoker during his younger days. He claims that he just stopped one fine day when his physician warned him that he was prone to tuberculosis. He told me that there is nothing like addiction, it is all in the mind. Once you don't let other things control you, then you are the boss. How true are his words......


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I never had to deal with addiction, I did smoke in the past occasionally, but I never got addicted to it. My brother, on the other hand, seems addicted to smoking. He spends a lot on cigarettes.


Labeling alcohol, smoking tobacco, or even gambling as vice is a religious point of view, mainly the major religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. In some cultures, alcohol is one of the requisites of worshipping, alcohol is offered to gods. Even in Christianity wine is offered to Jesus.